We highly recommend Samantha Corsiglia as a birth and postpartum doula. Samantha is well-studied and passionate about all things “baby and mama,” and was a very comforting presence before, during, and after our birth. She took time to really get to know us and our ideal birth plan well ahead of our due date, which made communicating during labor easy. As the birth partner, I felt I could rely on Samantha to remind me of all I had learned during our childbirth classes (amazing what you can forget in the stress of a moment!) so that I could best support my wife. Another huge bonus: Samantha is physically petite but incredibly strong. Her strength and knowledge of massage were a great help in relieving pain and discomfort during labor. 


We’d love to answer any questions you have - feel free to reach out to Samantha and she can put you in touch with us for a referral. 


Beth and Kelly Gillis

I could not imagine my birthing experience without Samantha.  She served as my doula during labor and delivery, as well as providing massage during pregnancy and services for helping me recover after the birth.  From the moment we began discussing everything, I felt honored and celebrated by her.  For any decision I made, she ensured that I had all the information that is available, and then she completely respected my choices.  She mentioned her experiences here and there or mentioned what other women she knows have done, but never at any point did she tell me what to do or give an implication about what I "should" do.  Though it was not in the original plan, I ended up being induced and had a fairly traditional, hospitalized labor.  Yet, Samantha did everything in her power to make sure that my experience was what my husband and I had planned.  Samantha not only supported me, but also my husband.  


Because Samantha was the primary communicator between us and the hospital staff, my husband could focus on me.  Her dedication to me, my husband, and our unborn child was unwavering, even as the hours rolled by, and one day turned into two.  She slept less than I did during my 37 hours of active labor, and was by my side when I needed anything, even things I didn't realize I needed.  She communicated openly and honestly with my husband and I during every step of the way.  She also clearly and effectively took care of potentially awkward situations with visiting family - allowing us to maintain a private and intimate space.  She offered soothing and encouraging words and wisdom of experience, throughout my pregnancy and during intense moments of labor and delivery.  Her perspective helped maintain a positive and productive atmosphere, even when I began to feel defeated by the process.  


What Samantha did for us was beyond the call of duty and typical role as a doula.  Even the hospital nurses commented on her dedication, effectiveness, and overall quality.  To be honest, it makes me tear up recalling all the individual moments and countless gestures.  Samantha is clearly doing work that she is passionate about and proud of, and her commitment, knowledge, and fortitude is unparalleled.  -Candice & Morgan, Oakland



Samantha is a fantastic person and very committed healer. She takes her work very seriously and instills vast knowledge to her clients about the human body. She supported me after a very difficult birth and I am very grateful for her tremendous support during my healing process. Samantha is non-judgmental and clear about her approach and path. I highly recommend her for Maya Abdominal massage and as a doula. If I could change one thing about my life, I would have had her as my doula at my last birth…    - Half Moon Bay, Ca.

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Samantha Corsiglia … As a longtime client, I consider her greatest strength to be her diligence as a practitioner.She leaves no stone unturned. If a remedy calls for a more expensive ingredient, Samantha never cuts corners.If extensive training is involved in furthering her learning, Samantha will travel worldwide to obtain the instruction and knowledge.Thus, she is sincerely a most serious student of any path she is called to explore.Furthermore, as a client I know Samantha is willing to make her services available to women of all incomes so that the MAM wisdom can be enjoyed by all sisters.


I truly appreciate Samantha's commitment to her Placerville clients. Even when she moved out of the area, she did not abandon us.

-Placerville, CA

"Samantha is an amazing yet practical healer. She helped me learn to take care of myself, which has been the greatest step I've made toward healing and life-long health. With her guidance, I've seen my erratic BBT temperatures stabilize and I've uncovered the root cause of my infertility, instead of just applying a patch. I highly recommend working with Samantha to address infertility." - Reno, Nevada 

Samantha Corsiglia has helped me work through serious digestive and health issues over the course of 9 plus months enabling me to eliminate food reactions, improve my general well being and energy levels. Her wisdom and intuitive care have been extremely effective where other alternative care providers have not been effective, the tinctures given me have been a boon. Teaching me to perform my own daily abdominal massage as well as performing it on me, advice on other supplements such as Aloe Vera, Candida Defense and Acidophilus, caster oil packs etc all have been a great help in my journey to better health. I have recommended her to several others and her advice has led my sister who lives in another location to seek alternative treatments for her own health issues. - Fremont, CA


To Whom It May Concern:

I met Samantha at a peace rally about 3 years ago. This in itself said something about one of Samantha's qualities right away: She cares about the world at large. About peace and justice, about the environment and a healthy and sane way to lead our lives. And she is willing to stand in the rain and cold for her beliefs, to volunteer her time, to be involved rather than just be an observer. Over the last few years, we have become good friends and I have learned that this care encompasses the small as well as the big, the personal as well as society at large. Samantha is a great listener, somebody you can share your worries and thought with. You will receive a sympathetic ear, a hug at the right time and advice without being judged. And as in the case of going out there for the rally, Samantha will offer practical help and support, too, wherever she can. From a place to stay when we visit our college-age daughter in the Bay Area to helping our son fight gastrointestinal illness with abdominal massage and tinctures. And judging from her being able to teach a rather reluctant 14-year-old self-massage and having him use it for months after, she is definitely a good teacher, too. Samantha is not a loud person. She has the tolerance and humor to listen to other points of view with an open heart, but also the quiet authority to stand up for and enforce her beliefs. And last, but certainly not least, she is a fun person to be around, to go to the Tempest concert and dance with, to join in a hike or a weekend outing to a Renaissance fair. - Camino, CA

To whom it may concern:

I have been a patient of Samantha Corsiglia for the past year. I found her to be a wonderful practitioner. Samantha is very skilled in her practice. I noticed results after the first month of treatment. Samantha is also a very loving, caring and kind person. She always puts me at ease during my treatment sessions and she goes out of her way to express kindness and generosity. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner to anyone. - Occupational Therapist - Placerville, CA

After my professional training 10 months ago, I had the opportunity for Samantha Corsiglia to mentor me as I began to integrate and learn my MAM tools and protocol. Her seasoned understanding of the many tools (massage, castor oil, vaginal steam, etc.) along with her experience of working with women and their varied reproductive health issues, became an invaluable stabilizing resource for me those first shaky new months. 


I appreciate that her communication is clear, patient, and direct, and that she is coming from a compassionate (and passionate!) place when she responds. She has been consistently available when needed to field a question or offer support. She is organized and responsible. Samantha has the heart of an advocate and a spirit that is creative and rooted in her feminine. Her belief in what she does, and her embodiment of those beliefs comes through with strength. Her love of this work, and the tools -and the tradition- is palpable...  - Certified Massage Therapist, Visalia, CA

Samantha Corsiglia is a compassionate, gentle, thoughtful, and effective practitioner. I went to Samantha after I stopped taking birth control pills with the goal of preparing myself for conceiving a child. My uterus was initially low and tipped to one side, but over the course of 10 months we got my uterus centered. I say "we" because I practice the self-care massage on a regular basis, which is an important way to take an active part in your own healing. Samantha provides great encouragement and information, not only for the self-care massage but also for identifying appropriate herbs, supplements, books, and other self-care practices. What I most cherished about Samantha was the attentive support she showed for my emotional and spiritual well-being. After every session I felt cared for, fortunate to benefit from her knowledge, and inspired by the female wisdom she conveys. I highly recommend Samantha, and I highly recommend Maya Abdominal Massage for anyone seeking optimal health before conception or at any other time.  - California Client


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