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EarthDancer Wellness - a Local - Woman Owned Family Practice, providing Integrative Women, Children, and Family Health.


We focus on women's general health and wellness, we offer a fusion of Integrative therapies; Specializing in Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum care. We concentrate on Abdominal and Holistic Health, for Women, Children, and families, in general. 


We encourage a balance between the wisdom of ancient traditional healing and the modern science of western medicine. Both ways of thought can be an invaluable adjunct to one other when necessary. We offer various modalities and opportunities to empower yourselves through education to support you and your loved ones in optimal health.


We invite you to join us in a workshop, class, individual treatment setting, whichever ideally befits you and your loved ones at this moment in time. We understand our needs change as we change, henceforth we are here to serve you and yours wherever you are in this dance called life! 


Meet YOUR Village of Support:

Coastside Birth Options -
Birthworkers Serving the Coast

With Samantha Corsiglia,

Founder of EarthDancer Wellness &

Coastside Birth Options


13 March 2021

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All parents are welcome!


Here is your opportunity to have the

Coastside's fertility, maternity, birth, and postpartum

professionals answer your questions and

offer their Full Spectrum Model of Care, supporting you, as

you traverse this miraculous adventure called Parenthood.

for more information on our services, in the interim.

Virtual Classes offered weekly!

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Fertility, Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga &

BirthDance ™ Classes


Postpartum Yoga  with Infant Massage 

Coastside Birth Options

 Parenting Classes

with Samantha Corsiglia, Founder